Leverage the power of AI to onboard and process complex unstructured data quickly and easily

Unlock the value in your data and get the insights you need to make more informed decisions

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Load and digitise your unstructured business data

Our system transforms all your different types of data in a machine readable format that an AI can understand and manipulate.

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Configure your annotation project

Simple set-up with everything in one central platform.

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Train your AI automation bot specific to your data onboarding needs

See in real-time your AI resource labelling and extracting data automatically at scale providing quality assurance and control.

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Understand and manage your project performance

Single dashboard to monitor and track productivity and progress of both AI and human effort.

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Optimise your workforce

Adjust human and machine contributions by optimising your resources.

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Find out how we can help you automate your data processing at scale with AI

Speak with one of our specialists who will help you map out your workflow automation needs and build a roadmap for success.

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Learn more about unstructured data intelligence in our latest blog here: deeperinsights.com/unlocking-unstructured-data/

We can extract data from all types of complex documents

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