Automated document processing

Reviewing human-written documents with computer programs instead of people.

Computer Vision

Enables computers to derive meaningful information from the visual world such as images and videos. Computer vision uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning to train computers to interpret and understand visual objects, accurately identify and classify them, then react to what they “see”.

Data Digitisation

Converting unstructured data into machine-readable data using AI tools.

Deep Learning

A form of machine learning that uses computational structures known as neural networks to automatically recognise patterns in data and provide a suitable output like a prediction or evidence for a decision.

Digital transformation

Changing how you operate and deliver value to customers through digital technology. Essentially it is bringing data together across different functions in a business so they can work together more effectively.

Human in the Loop (HITL)

A system that involves both a human and an artificial intelligence component in which the human can intervene in reviewing or testing the systems algorithms to check accuracy or performance.

Machine Learning

The practice of building a computer model to solve a task by letting it discover patterns in data from which it can then learn from and make decisions without human intervention.

Multi Agent System (MAS)

A computer system involving multiple software programs that interact with each other – known as agents. Agents help humans complete tasks. Alexa or Siri virtual assistants are a good example.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Enabling computers the ability to understand text and spoken words in much the same way human beings can.

Transfer learning

The transfer of knowledge from a related task that has already been completed by a machine and assigned to a new task.

Unstructured Data Intelligence

Extracting untapped information in many forms which is not machine readable such as pdfs, tables, forms, x-rays, lab data, video, audio files and more and using AI to digitise and onboard the data into the business for accessing valuable data insights