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Healthcare data processing with AI

Improve efficiency of care delivery with AI by automating key processes such as patient onboarding, medical document processing, clinical notes analysis and checking for errors.

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Healthcare clients use Deeper Data’s Unstructured Data Intelligence platform to process their range of complex and unstructured medical documents such as biomedical data, health records, lab reports and prescriptions, that reduce time through clinical trials and save money in management of healthcare facilities.

Clinical Trials Lab Data Processing

Aggregate and automatically extract drug name, dosage, demographic, and other biomedical data from Clinical Study Protocol documents, Statistical Analysis Plans and Tables, Figures, Lists (TFLs) provided by laboratories to get to the results you need as quickly as possible.


Health Insurance Documents

Accelerate the processing of health data for faster onboarding of new customers. Get a fast and accurate analysis of healthcare insurance risk through the constant analysis of ever evolving customer health data.

Custom Healthcare Solutions

Create unique healthcare solutions by rapidly and accurately processing large volumes of historical patient data to create AI models for solutions such as personalised healthcare recommendations, interventions for patients or healthcare provider applications.


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