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Automate Environmental Data Processing and extraction with AI and Machine Learning

Simply and efficiently aggregate, refine and extract the primary data your customers need so they can more accurately report on their Scope 3 environmental emissions and ESG requirements.

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Getting good, accurate data is hard, expensive and time consuming.

See how AI is turning difficult and costly primary environmental data processing and extraction into a seamless, low cost operation.

As pressure builds on companies to disclose theirs and supplier carbon emissions as well as climate-related financial information, one of the biggest challenges reporting providers are finding is being able to aggregate and extract the primary data clients need for Scope 3 reporting at a granular level and, with high accuracy.

Unstructured environmental data is produced in huge quantities on a daily basis, most of which is hidden in Transport data, Supply Chain data, Building and Lease data and Product data to name a few, and spread across multiple systems and data lakes.

This is preventing reporting providers to be able to give their clients a complete picture of their environmental impact or set an accurate pathway of action to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why use AI for Environmental Data Processing?

Reduce time and cost to process and extract data without the need for expensive manual work

Our AI and ML solution takes the pain out of needing to utilise precious staff resources to churn data in order to find the insights you need to help your clients accurately declare your environmental and ESG reporting.


Transform complex, disparate data into insights, decisions and actions

Deeper Data use a range of AI and Machine Learning engineering to crawl your clients environmental documents and unstructured, complex data and accurately extract the insights needed with low or no need for human intervention.

Utilise Machine Learning capability without needing to build

Take advantage of our advanced AI and ML tools at your disposal without requiring specialist in-house teams and expensive architecture builds. Our inhouse Data Science teams and Machine Learning Engineers have the knowledge and experience to handle complex data at scale.


Model your clients environmental impact on change and their upstream/downstream emissions across supply chains

Use AI and ML to give your clients a more complete picture of their impact across their supply chain and identify suppliers who have the lowest or highest carbon footprint and set actions for change.

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