Create deeper insights using internet data and AI

Automate unstructured data processing and extraction at scale with AI

We help organisations turn difficult and costly, high volume data processing into a seamless, low cost ‘production line’ so you can get the insights you need quickly to make data driven decisions.

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Transform your data into valuable insights with AI

Deeper Data’s Intelligent Document Processing platform (IDP) is a scalable, cost efficient way to bring unstructured data into the business quickly, and in doing so, see a return quickly.

Our fully managed, end to end service takes your unstructured and complex business data, digitises it and then using AI tools, extracts relevant data to match with fields in your database through a seamless API integration.

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Use the power of AI to optimise business operations

Manually formatting and processing data is expensive and inefficient. Let AI do the data crunching for you, so you don't have to.


Accurately extract the data insights you need

Focus on unlocking value from your data directly into your business while AI takes care of the data processing.

Re-imagine your business critical workflows with automation

With the AI handling your data onboarding and processing tasks 24/7, you can design and build business workflows that were not previously possible.


Digitise almost any type of data

We can take any type of workflow data and have our AI load, transform, label and automate it.

Find out how we can help you automate your data processing at scale with AI

Speak with one of our specialists who will help you map out your workflow automation needs and build a roadmap for success.

We can extract data from all types of complex documents

PDFs and Photocopies

Data in tables


Any website


Support tickets

CRM Databases






Start your AI journey to better data insights today.